Thursday, December 27, 2007


So uh. I uh. Well.

I got a new digital camera! This means I'll actually update maybe, or get a new blog.

As a sweet, sweet teaser, here's my excellent headband tutorial:

2 colors of worsted weight yarn (scraps, I use Caron Simply Soft for maximum color fun and non-scratchiness)
size 8 16" circulars (or something)

CO 80 sts, join
work 1x1 ribbing for about 3 rounds
knit stockinette for 9 rounds (or however many you want!)
knit 3 rounds 1x1 ribbing
BO all sts

duplicate stitch in your excellent message or slogan!

if you want to get fancy and better-fitting headbands:

CO 80 sts, join
work 1x1 ribbing for 3 rounds
work 1x1 ribbing for 20-30 sts, k remaining (repeat for 8 more rounds)
k 3 rounds 1x1 ribbing
BO at sts


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Monday, April 16, 2007

Beet blort

My complete lack of posts is entirely due to not being able to find my digital camera. Sure, I could use my cameraphone to keep this updated, but then I'd be tempted to use the "Fun Frames" feature and hot damn if that didn't just now start sounding like good idea.

I finished Allen's socks and he wears them a bunch. I finished other things too! And I'm nearer still to finishing additional items! Perhaps when I move in a couple weeks I'll find my camera! Probably not!


Sunday, February 11, 2007

Fits and starts

I've finally given up on the idea of creating a lacy sweaterthing out of yarn from a slightly felted sweater. Its new destiny lies in some Broad Street Mittens for Nate in exchange for some prints of his photos. ART BARTER. The remainder of the yarn will probably become some knee socks for me! Woo fuzzy wool.

I worked on an entrelac scarflette thing last weekend, but I haven't done much with it lately. I'm kind of stymied by logistics; I need some kind of scarf pin.

I live in constant fear of the looming MOTH THREAT. Allen and I have embarked on an agressive SWAT ON SIGHT campaign, and we can only hope that they have yet to infiltrate my stash.

I'm currently in full support of the switching-between-sock-projects method of sock production. Since I haven't had to work on the Gentleman's Lozenge Pattern sock for awhile, it feels like cheating since I'm already half done.

In conclusion, here's Allen modelling my presents for the Dumbrella Secret Santa. Party Hard, Dreamfather. Party hard.

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Monday, February 05, 2007

Progress report

Last weekend, I decided to try my hand at entrelac. It's looking pretty nice, though I only have enough yarn to make a short scarf. I'll be lining it, as Noro Silk Garden Lite is not the softest of yarns and I'd like to nestle this baby against my dewy, fair skin.

My planned aran-weight sweater is on hold until I can get some size 9 needles, and I'm planning to maybe start something similar to Eunny Jang's Arrowhead Pullover with recycled yarn this week. I finally started on the second Gentleman's Sock, but it's pretty slow going. Oof.


Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I made a whole lot of stuff and neglected to tell anyone

My camera is hiding somewhere in the house, so I have no pictures of the ridiculous amount of things I've made recently. Maybe there will be a later update with a bunch of crappy cameraphone pictures.

The recent roundup:

Christmas things

-scarf for Mama with lace motif from Arisaig
-Branching Out for Marisa
-earflap, fair-isle hat for Papa
-a slew of non-beaded Perdita and Perdita-esque bracelets
-Bowtie scarf and Cozy Armchair socks from Weekend Knitting for Grama
-Cable + rib hat for Gram
-Earflap fair-isle hat with ties for Allen
-PARTY HARD headband and ridiculous plushie for my Dumbrella Secret Santa

Other things in chronological order, from wow a really long time ago jeez goodtime blurriness

-Fetching, for me
-Socks for Allen! My first sock, a simple toe-up deal made from an alpaca/silk blend (Cascade Success, I think?).
-Thigh-high stockings for me! A solid-color modification of the Very Tall Socks.
-Knee-high Mata Hari socks for me! I did an eyelet border for the tops, but havev yet to find the right elastic to thread through them.
-Cable + rib elf hat for myself. The top needs to be redone, since it keeps falling off my head.
-Fingerless mitts (in Malabrigo, which was a bad idea because of wear and tear) from Weekend Knitting for Allen.
-Fingerless mitts (in Noro Silk Garden, which was a bad idea because of scratchy) for me. These will be frogged that I might use the yarn in my first foray into the world of entrelac.
-Modified Ruffled Neckwarmer for me. I knitted it while watching Pride and Prejudice!
-Perdita for Allison.
-some sewn skirts.
-a ridiculous pinafore!

Stuff happening right now

-Gentleman's sock with lozenge pattern from Knitting Vintage Socks for Allen.
-Baudelaire for me.

I'm done with one of each and hoping that switching off between them will keep me from getting bored and abandoning them completely. Next up will be some kind of lacy sweater project(s) from recycled yarn, a cabled-yoke pullover with Frog Tree Alpaca (thanks to a Christmas present gift certificate to WEBS from Mama) similar to this one, but with my own pattern. With any luck, I'll be able to get Knitting Without Tears from the library (I noticed it there on my last trip) and it'll help me with yoke-y madness. Another, more face-covery neckwarmer or little scarf might happen soon, as well.

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Monday, November 13, 2006


Uh. Here's some Halloween-related crafts!

Allen and I carved Billy Corgan's face into a pumkpin. It has yet to be smashed, much to our chagrin. We blame the lack of teens in his neighborhood. If I had updated this in the past 6 months, you may have noticed that we used the stencil I made for Allen's birthday present, a nascent laptop cover bearing Billy's striking visage:

First, we traced it all out

Then, we pouted with it for a little while to initiate that Billy Corgan feeling

Then we got serious.

Here's Allen, enjoying the fruits of our labor:

In keeping with my theme, here's me looking pious in my Joan of Arc costume. I made the cowl and immortal heart and altered the shorts. Good times.

A closeup of my heart:

Coming soon: all the stuff I've been sewing and knitting recently, Allen in his Aguirre: the Wrath of God costume, Katie Joyce and Brendan frollicking in oversized animal costumes. Stay tuned.

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Monday, April 03, 2006


My thesis is due on Friday, so I've been alternately not knitting and nitting up a storm.

Over winter break I knitted this shrug, but only sewed on the closures at the top earlier today.

Thesis + Stress + Cold Wrists =

The scarf I'v been wearing all winter.


I have psyched myself up to do so much knitting once my thesis is done, especially during the RACE ACROSS AMERICA '06. on the docket:

-modified sweater.
-commemorative headbands
-a HACK THE PLANET hat (which i think i need to start over as it's SO HUGE)
-a billy corgan laptop cover (for the purpose of hilarity)
-stuff from grandma's big pattern binder
-maybe some other stuff?
-I don't know.

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